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Alex's Island

Robot HOUSE!!!!

30 September 1985
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I am an Australian student who sometimes works but more often doesn't. I spend my time going to the movies and pretending to write about them. I am presently on hiatus from anime.

I'm in my fourth year of taxidermy, and I love hunting deer.
ah! my goddess, alligator dogs, amateurism, ana matronic, animal crossing, animation, anime, atomic qi xin, babydaddy, babydaddy's hats, back of necks, belldandy, billy the wonderchicken, björk, blondie, bubblegum crisis, castlevania, cham, chanel cole, cherita, church of your heart, cinema, classic neighbours, cosima, cowboy bebop, daft punk, dancing, debbie harry, deborah harry, del marquis, demented cyber geishas, devouring souls, digimon, digimon frontier, dr. zoidberg, eighties dance spectaculars, eighties fashion, eighties j-rock, eighties music, evangelion, fan service, fanservice, futurama, gainax, gameboy advance, gamecube, goddess relief agency, gunbuster, gunsmith cats, hayashibara megumi, hyperspace, hyperspace relativity, idols, intergalactic whales, iron chef, jake shears, junior senior, kanno yoko, kylie minogue, looking for jane, macross, manga, marie fredriksson, mario kart ds, mazarin, metropolis, mimarin, miyazaki hayao, moonless nights, muppets, neighbours, ninja, nintendo, nintendo ds, noir, not dying, paddy boom, pearls of passion, per & marie, per gessle, pinnacle of human achievement, piratania, pirates, playing the stalk market, pokémon, powerful gay, queen, queen of rain, read or die, real sugar, rhythm bandits, robot detectives, rocking out, room service, rowan ikin, roxers, roxette, roxing, scissor sisters, seiyuu, shake it aika combo, smash bros, smashing, sow joan, sparkle motion, studio ghibli, subtitles, super mario bros, super smash bros melee, survivor, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenacious d, the goblet of rock, treasure planet